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The Search for Extended Youth and Extreme Longevity

05 May 2018

Stunning new research and major inroads for hacks against disease and aging abound. But this is perhaps the best way to reset your longevity switch. Embrace this herbal ally, as it fights a host of diseases and pathogens completely naturally.

New and Improved – Your Nutrition Plan to Take Control of Your Health

10 Sep 2012

If you eat the wrong foods, you struggle mentally as well as physically. Many food mistakes are robbing your potential for mental clarity and optimal health, causing disease and preventing nutrient absorption. Are you ready to switch to these essential foods for the brain and body?

Even if You Eat 'Perfectly,' Not Knowing This Could Leave You Depressed

15 May 2011

And there's a very simple reason why - the greatest concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control, depression and aggression, is found in your intestines, not your brain. But until you understand which of these 3 "gut types" you are, you'll be putting your mental health at risk...

The Secret Diet for Great Physical Health (Even in Old Age)

16 Nov 2010

This type of diet has been found to contain ten times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins, and at least four times the amount of calcium, other minerals, and water-soluble vitamins as what you're probably eating right now. Could it be the reason why Hispanics live longer?

Which Country Makes the World’s Deadliest Cigarettes?

19 Jun 2010

Late-breaking study offers proof that not all cigarettes are equally bad for you. Cigarettes from some countries leave 3 times as many carcinogens in the mouth as others… Not that smoking is good for you, regardless of the source.

Bad Habits Can Age You 12 Years

11 May 2010

Do you want to look and feel younger by more than a decade? Here’s what you need to know …

If You Drink Coffee Make Sure it is Organic

30 Jan 2010

Important information you need to know if you or anyone you love drinks coffee.

Resveratrol Also Found in Dark Chocolate and Cocoa

28 Oct 2008

Hershey seduces chocoholics again with sweet nutritional claims.

Nutritional Typing: Modify Your Diet So You Feel Terrific

26 Feb 2003

The nutritional typing diet for your unique nutritional type. Optimize your health, your weight, and your energy to improve your health and avoid premature aging.

Nutritional Typing - Eat the Right Food for You

01 Feb 2003

Low fat, high carb? High protein or vegetarian? Low carb? If you are not absolutely certain of the right type of diet for you, read this important article...